The 5 Afflictive Emotions

The five afflictive emotions are the source of suffering. They are: anger, pride, jealousy, attachment and ignorance.

Anger destroys our state of mind. When one is angry, one loses the power to reason. The antidote for anger is compassion and forbearance. It is impossible to kill all t ...

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An Introduction to Damzey Nyongdrol or Rainbow Globule: The Nectar that Miraculously Generates Happiness in All.

Translated by Dasho Karma Ura from the religious text (Ka-Bum) of the 8th Gyalwang Drukpa Kunzig Mipham Chokyi Nangwa.
Prostration to the Lotus Feet of Jetsun Dorji Lopen that Explains the Substantial Wisdom. The wheel that naturally achieved compassion has the equivalent power of a thousand ...

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An introduction to Jatshug Rilbu ( The Rainbow Pill)

"Namo Avalokiteshvara" Whose love for all beings is like the love of a mother for her only child. To benefit sentient beings, you appear in various forms - animate and inanimate. Boundless is your compassionate activities. Bless us to develop boundless and impartial compassion!"

Even t ...

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Bodhicitta from The Bodhisattva

Cultivate your mind and all will be ok. That is the essence of His eminence Gyalwa Dokhamp's teaching. At the request from the principal and teachers of Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School(Bhutan), H.E. Khamtrul Rinpoche has kindly agreed to give teachings from the b ...

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History of Drukpa Vajrayana

The path to enlightenment is so numerous that it is beyond one’s comprehension. One cannot say that there are a specific number of paths because Buddha has given different kinds of articles to suit the different levels of intellectual capacity of the beings.

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