An Introduction to Damzey Nyongdrol or Rainbow Globule: The Nectar that Miraculously Generates Happiness in All.

Translated by Dasho Karma Ura from the religious text (Ka-Bum) of the 8th Gyalwang Drukpa Kunzig Mipham Chokyi Nangwa.

Prostration to the Lotus Feet of Jetsun Dorji Lopen that Explains the Substantial Wisdom. The wheel that naturally achieved compassion has the equivalent power of a thousand spokes. It is for this reason that it dominated as the precious wealth in the realms of both samsara and nirvana, becoming an image of veneration for the sentient beings. The Damzey (sacred medicinal globule) that was created through secret methods or otherwise acquired by means of a child’s play is the essence of precious substance which turned into Ka-na-ka (gold), the fair iron element. The miraculous Damzey is thus introduced in writing.

Since the Buddhas are resourceful and compassionate beings, they still come in the forms of body, speech, mind, knowledge and action to look after the welfare of the sentient beings. For instance, in life of our present Buddha, sentient beings are benefited by continual offering of body parts such as head, sense organs, flesh, blood and so forth, sanctified by the inestimable prayer of compassion. The Buddha also said in the tantra (rgyud sde) that the consumption of five nectar (dri-chen, dri-chu, rak-ta, mam-sa and rdo rje’I zil pa) is beneficial, as it has all the blessings. The Buddha also said in many tantras to accumulate and cultivate the loyal globule (dam tshig gi ril bu).

If we understand the signifience and effects of the nectar and accumulate the loyal globule, it is more efficacious. Therefore, the Buddha said that the medicinal substances for eight nerves and thousand branches (rtsa brgyad yan lag stong), the Sarma’s nectar globule accumulated from the purified substances of the enlightened Indians and Tibetans and the medicinal nectar of the Nyingma are the same. The precious damzey, rainbow globule of Kunkhen Drukpa was accumulated by Gyalwang Kunkhen Padma Karpo and Gyalwang Pagsam Wangpo. Considering the Drukpa Damzey as the essence, the blessed medicinal substance was added with the precious grass lu-dud-dorji as mentioned by Chhoegyal Tsrongtsan Gampo and Ugyen Guru in a lam-yig.

In addition to these ingredients, the damzey contains relics of the Buddhas: Buddha Yoedsung, Buddha Shacha Thuba, Buddha of Gyalkhar Tse, Buddha of Natse, Buddha Langpo and the enlightening damzey accumulated from the gandhola (monastery) of self evolved Ugyen Heruka by the Eminent Gurus: Tilopa and Naropa. The damzey is also composed of the noble mind and cloak of Ugyen Guru Yab-Yum, flesh of a Brahmin who went through seven series of lives, mucus and writings of Lochen Bairo, Snyan gyi shog sgril, bones and mattresses (made of spotted antelope’s leather) of Jetsun Tilopa and Je Narotapa, meditation rope of Maitripa and Tiphupa, the collection of blessed substances of Jowo Je Atisha, Khacha Panchen Shacha Shri and Nagi Rinchen, relic and cloak of Je Chokey Loday, white cloak of son Dodey, relic and hair of Jetsun Milarepa, relic, remains, hat, beard, and shoes of Je Dakpo Rinpoche Dayoed Zhenu alias Sonam Rinchen, relic of Je Phagmo (phagmo as the protector and boatman), speech of Drubthop Ling, relic of Je Drukpa Jarey Yeshi Dorji, relic, mind and dbu dom of Loreypa, mind and relic of Goedtshangpa Gembo Dorji, relics of Oenrey Dharma Sengye, Zhenu Sengye and Nyima Sengye, relic and hair of Sengye Sherab, relics of Poechapa Sengye Rinchen, Sengye Gyalpo, Kuenga Sengye, Khen Dorji Rinchen and Loday Sengye, skull of Sherab Sengye, relics of yeshi Rinchen, Namkha Palzang and Sherab Zangpo, relic purtsa (salt applied on dead body to avoid decomposing) and cloak of Gyalwang Je Kuenga Peljor, hair, cloak, ljags thun , mucus and feces of Je Ngawang Chokey Gyalpo, relic of Jamyang Chokey Drakpa’s rosary, hair and rnam ‘joms ril bu’ of Je Yoenten Yeshi, relic of Kunpang Rinppche, hair, ljags thun, and ngag sgrol ril bu of Thuchen Gyeltshen Lhundrup and Ngagchang Tshedag Tashi, hair of Dromtonpa, hair of Gyalsey Thogmed, brain and relic of Drubthop Ugyenpa nad precious globule (rin chen ril bu) of Ugyenpa.

The damzey is further composed of Lochen Rinchen Zangpo’s hair , worn-out blanket (sle bem) and hair of Drubthop Thangthongpa, relic of Yumon Kunga Zangpo, hair, relics and black globule (ril nag) of Je Karmapa Duekhen, Pagshi and Rangjung Dorji, Je Jigten Sumgoen, Chengawa, etc the follower of Drigung Kagyud, Je Kunden, Throphu Lotsawa, Buton, etc the follower of Throphu Kagyud, lama Zhang, Dulwa Yoed, etc the follower of Tshalpa Kagyud, white and red globule (dkar dmar ril bu) of shangpa khachoed, relic and nectar globule of Je Sachen, hair of Sa Pundita, mucus of Palga Lo, Ngogchoedor, Zhedang Dorji, Zhang Rinpoche and Chenga Lhazig Repa, bones and flesh of Guru Chokey Wangchuk Ratna Lingpa, Sangay Lingpa, Kunchong Lingpa, Rinchen Lingpa, Dremed Lingpa and Dungtsho Repa, Ratna’s religious medicine, A dam ma of Sheldrak Terma, globule of Gurus noble mind, Nyingthig Shogsher and gter mai skyes bdun of choewang, hair of Ja Zhangthrom and gung mdzub gter byon of Brahmin Dremed Nyinpo.

In brief, the damzey contains immeasurable blesses substances of Drukpa lineage and other Kagyud doctrines composed by Tilinaro, blessed substances of the eminent Pundits like Jowo and Drom and it also contains the blessed substances of famous Tertons. Keeping these substances as the basis, the damzey was made according to the process of making nectar globule as mentioned in the supreme tantras. It also contains faces, hair and relic of Kunkhen Padma Karpo added with ‘ja’ tshud phab rgyun secured by Gyalwang Pagsam Wangpo and blessed by Kunkhen Padma Karpo himself. The relic of Gampowa Tashi Namgyal, hair of Je Norbu Gyenpa, entire essence of Damzey, relic of a Brahmin from the holy place of Draksum Chago (brag gsum lcags sgo) obtained by Rigzin Jatshon Nyingpo, noble mind of Guru Yab-Yum, the concealed enlightening damzey revealed by Je Dakpo, life globule from tshe sgrub lcags kyi pho brang treasured life globule from tshe sgrub gnam lcags rdo rje, skyes bdun A dam ma, bath stains of Doku Yidzin Norbu and Kutshab Pema Sheyeneyn, Shogs ser tshal bu, bya nag gi gza ril, medicinal globule of Chagdor, cpmpilation of water such as life water(tshe chhu) of Ugyen from west India and many other damzey of the eminent beings from India and Tibet of Sacha, Nyingma and Kagyud sects are also contained in the damzey.

The vessels of these sacred medicines are skulls of Drubthop Ugyenpa and tshe ldan mkha’gro’ (it was sanctified by performing rites of the deity chakrasamvara (demchok khorlo) for a long time until it showed evidences of blessings such as sounds, bright light, fragrance and flames emanate from these globules. These are some of the reasons signifying the sanctity of the enlightening damzey which otherwise contains inconceivable ingredients like nectar globule, religious medicines, holy remains and so forth which further contains many medicinal substances. The efficacy of a holy remain is beyond belief as mentioned in the standard medicinal work of Tibet (rgyud man ngag). Therefore, whoever had an opportunity to consume or smell the fragrance of these damzey shall be protected from diseases, evil spirits, and be free of troubles, evil deeds and obscurities in the present life, and ultimately become the source of enlightenment.

May the sacred medicinal substance be blessed as I offer with devotion to the true prayers of Buddha and Bodhisattvas, and to the gsang chen rdo rje theg pa.

The damzey blessed in the venture of accomplishing Dorji Chang is part of the fortunate ones who reside in the pure land, as it is the essence of all the substances. Thank You.